Tummy Tuck


This surgical treatment is reserved for candidates with loose abdominal skin and a large fat deposit in the abdomen that does not respond to exercise and diet. Post pregnancy patients with skin laxity and stretch marks are also good candidates. This is a surgical procedure performed for the patient population in whom liposuction alone will not allow for skin tightening.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

This procedure removes up to one third of the lower abdominal wall skin, stretch marks and fat. The abdominal muscles are tightened with two layers of permanent sutures to reinforce the muscles and create a youthful and flat tummy. Combined hip and flank liposuction create a waistline that may have been lost due to pregnancy or significant weight gain. With muscle laxity and stretched skin the only treatment options for some is a full abdominoplasty. The belly button is retained during the operative procedure, but brought out in a new area of the abdomen, once it is tightened.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck (Belt Abdominoplasty)

This is reserved for the patient with massive weight loss, in whom a simple abdominoplasty will only address the tummy region. These patients need to have the excess skin removed circumferentially. This leaves both a vertical and horizontal incision in the front and back, comparable to a “belt”. In some weight loss patients the belt abdominoplasty helps restore a thinner waistline.

For a tummy tuck in Annadale or Bethesda MD contact board certified plastic surgeon Khalique Zahir.


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