Inauguration Mini-Facelift

Published November 29th, 2013 by Aesthetique Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, LLC

With the excitement brewing about the change in political environment in the Washington area, many people are looking for bringing a “change” to themselves by improving their facial aesthetics. While many men and women are preparing for which inauguration ball to attend, part of the preparation has been deciding what cosmetic improvement can be done within a reasonable budget.

Although patient safety is my most important concern as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, technique and aesthetic skill makes all the difference in Insuring an excellent outcome. For the past few years, I have employed a special anesthetic technique minimizing bruising and swelling after a face or neck lift. Using a combination of well placed anesthetic in my surgical suite, performing facial rejuvenation procedures can be done without drains or use of a general anesthetic. This allows for a quick recovery and no hang-over effect from medications.

I have been encouraging this for a few reasons. Privacy, safety and a dramatic decrease in cost have made the difference. Because this procedure is performed in my surgical office suite and my surgical technique allows for a much earlier recovery enabling a return to the social scene in a timely manner. Combining a special preoperative tissue healing regimen prior to surgery has nearly eliminated bruising and swelling.

More importantly, a reduction in cost by performing my Mini-facelift procedures in the office suite has an obvious benefit. Privacy, recovery and outcome are other excellent benefits which have allowed these procedures to become in demand, in this already challenged economic climate.

As the inauguration approaches and “change” is the new mantra, why not try a “Mini” change yourself for the upcoming year?

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