Plastic Surgery in Virginia / Maryland

Published November 29th, 2013 by Aesthetique Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, LLC

I love being a Plastic Surgeon, especially a DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland Plastic Surgeon.

Washington DC metro is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the United States. My Maryland Cosmetic Surgery patients have a special interest in subtle to moderate facial aesthetic changes to suit their private sector jobs, often times with very little time for recovery. In contrast, the Virginia patients I serve, have had a stronger desire undergo significant body and facial enhancement with less concern for down time and the work environment.

Each patient in the Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC area requires specific aesthetic enhancement, based on their ethnic, age-related and work structure needs. I know that as a Virginia and Maryland plastic surgeon, I truly enjoy the opportunity to mix my skill set, with the very eclectic patient population who are wonderful and exciting individuals requiring customized cosmetic surgery. These are only some of the reasons that I enjoy being a plastic surgeon.

Another very important reason for being a plastic surgeon in the Virginia, Maryland and DC metro area is the ease in traveling outside of the United States to perform plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures to needy children and adults. I have performed facial and body reconstructive surgery in many areas of Africa. I have recently performed Cleft Lip and Palate surgery in Sudan. This was rewarding for me in many ways, but most importantly I was able to use my training to alleviate the suffering of children and adults who could not eat or drink well. They also lost the ability to speak because of the enunciating challenges before having a cleft lip or palate repaired. While it is altruistic to deliver care to all those in need, I feel a special sense of personal accomplishment in performing surgery for those who cannot get care anywhere.

Khalique Zahir, MD., FACS.

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